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In the past, the presence of progesterone used to be the basis for all clinical methods of evaluating ovulation. I knew he’d be true to his word and shoot his load on my belly, but me mind had already gone down another road. I guess you could just say i’m a natural. There are, on the surface of the fimbria, microscopic hairs called cilia, which constantly beat in the direction of the uterus at a fantastically rapid speed and create a kind of conveyor-belt effect for moving the egg into the tube and toward the uterus. Once the egg starts to develop, it proceeds inexorably and no longer has the choice of returning to being quiescent. Occasionally two follicles successfully reach maturity and are both ovulated. However, this sort of complication is not very likely with modern dosage monitoring.


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How do i get pregnant if i was on birth control?

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The embryo begins to make hcg when the pregnancy is first established in the uterus, about seven days after ovulation. I wouldn’t have let him.