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In the utopian feminist future, where all choices are weighted equally, there are still going to be women who like to vacuum, and who like cum on their faces. And discounting women’s stories, just flat-out rejecting them when they don’t fit your political narrative, is something i will never, ever get behind. Then he will be like umm, what was i saying? sometimes he gets mad because he was talking. If like any other sexual escapades, you think that this is due to some personal chemistry issue then you may well be terribly wrong in assessing the problem. Free porno on the internet has become so boring so rediscover a sensual world of nude babes with luscious boobs who live to make you blow the biggest loads of jizz possible!

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And that’s one of the things i love about sex — done well, with someone you trust, it’s a boundaryless never never land where cool, smart, and careful melt into sheer sensation. For better or worse, most of the times our earlier sexual experiences shape a lot of our insecurities, pitfalls and deep inner fears about sex as adults.

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