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It’s not up to op to ‘make things work’ because it’s not his sole responsibility. Some things hurt: she got very into the sex with both of them, his penis was quite a bit larger than mine, she had multiple orgasms with both and she let him cum inside of her. And it’s exciting to watch a cock slide in and out of her pussy. I placed the head of my prick against the opening of her cunt, then pushed, just a little, just enough to insert the head inside her pussy. You fucking slut!” i snapped. Almost seems like it would be more understandable / bearable had you been separated then tried this to save your sex life.


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Of course, other explanations are also possible (e. Do you want a cock shoved in there, sally?” i asked. I am so grateful he treated her so well in bed because she has come to me knowing what good sex means and how to achieve it in our relationship.

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