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Stripped naked and made to perform a sex act on her bosss fiance: how mcdonalds worker fell victim to bizarre and cruel hoax | daily mail online

[above: endless lines of women. Just to remind you, this incident happened on a university campus hence, these are supposed to be students with some form of enlightenment. [above: pretty and defiant. They realized too late who the real ‘traitres’ were. Wherever this is the bitches don’t seem to look any better naked than they do with clothes on. Her tattoo is funny.


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[above: another woman’s head is shaved. A furious wife was caught on camera stripping and beating her husband’s secret lover in the street as crowds watched on. Can you imagine being a mother with a newborn, maybe with a german father, and being brutalized and led through the streets, with a mob drunk on judeo-propaganda?].

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