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And even if you were born too late to remember the golden years of sexual promiscuity, even if you came of age during the great condom restoration of the eighties, that time has cast its spell over your sex life, and informed every brief encounter. Ironically these same people also claim to support, or honor ‘diversity’. I think the real issue is when women with lots of partners start looking for commitment. Twice i’ve tried to answer this question, only to write long answers and eventually realise i’m actually answering a different question. Next week i plan to write a follow-up that reviews the factors contributing to an impulsive/high-risk lifestyle, which will address some of the issues you’ve raised.


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We know it and we understand it. Dear andrew, there was discussion about these in the original article, but to keep this to a reasonable length, i had to condense things. You can use the negative energy of others for good by having it create an intimacy between the two of you.

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