Pee desperate holding position

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Student forced to hold pee ends up in hospital - the local

I decided to risk it and ask the teacher if i can go to the bathroom. Try “sucking” in through your butthole, like you’re trying to pick up a stick with it. I went to the therapist and she had me pull down my pants. Ultimately it’s about having a full bladder, so drink whatever achieves that for you. I practised yesterday and managed 90 mins before i was fit to burst, but today i had a snack with the water on the hope that it would help me hold on and only managed an hour. The class was 40 mins, and the first 20 minutes into class, i got really desperate.


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My next class was math. I stood there peeing myself uncontrollably, just as one of the girls came out of the stall and looked sorry for me. And so the student, eager to book a coveted place on the medical course, suffered silently until she was finally allowed to leave.

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