Masturbate with dad

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Comments: letting you dad see you masturbate

It was an enormous turn-on, and i did it as often as i knew they were home and might be looking. I have a wonderful and exciting sex life with my husband, but masturbation is so personal, and i’d feel more comfortable sharing this with my friend. At first i was impressed and jealous of his larger dick and balls. It would have been fine if he just talked to me about it, but i don’t think i would have been bothered by it if he showed me how and/or suggested we masturbate together. I put on this same show for this married co-worker 5 or 6 more times.

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My father and i had a really close relationship otherwise anyway, we got along really well, i felt comfortable talking to him about anything, and never at any point did he either hurt me or coerce me into anything unhealthy. He came home early one night from a date with his girlfriend and walked in while i was lying on my bed masturbating. When i was a teenager, i went camping with my younger cousin.

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