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It’s recommended you test a small amount of it on another more accessible area of sensitive skin, like on your elbow or similar, to make sure you wont have extreme discomfort. For absolute baldness consider shaving/waxing. Waxing is, however, more effective hair removal method as it removes the hair from the root, this slows down the growth rate of hair thus your but can stay clean longer. It really changed drastically when porn become more readily available online,” explains melisa holmes, m. Before reaching for the trimmer/scissors consider matters of importance. This is a serious issue and there’s.

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Butthole hair: why do we have it?

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Take a bowl of water to keep the area wet along with your shaving cream and razor. For the areas very close to the anal zone you can use the services of a professional. This process will be endless if you don’t opt for a semi-permanent or permanent hair removal method.

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