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Sid’s instant family is more complicated than first appeared when the affectionately named hatchlings (egbert, shelley and yoko) turn out to be supposedly extinct dinosaurs. It may be the inner conspiracy theoretic coming out, but there are several obvious possibilities that spring to mind whilst watching. The absolute best in his field, dom cobb (leonardo dicaprio) is a master at the dangerous art of extracting valuable secrets from deep places; the human psyche. Discontent to continuously spoon feed the almost illiterate duroy and let him continue his affairs but denied the same the courtesy, the strong willed madeline brutally rebuffs his claim to male superiority and blatantly fans the flames of jealousy.


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The increasingly versatile damon has beefed up and sports a new messy bleach blonde do to fit the role. The verdict: ignoring the highly flawed premise, there is something genuinely satisfying in watching early 20-soemthings literally jump out of their skin because of a blender.

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