Everybody loves ice cream! - by Kyrre Dahl

February 2014
Labonata, Chueca, Madrid

28.02.2014 - Kyrre Dahl - in category: Spain

If you are in the lively Barrio Chueca in Madrid, Labonata does very good homemade ice cream right on the Plaza Chueca. More >>>

Tasteful ice cream and a machine in Tenerife

22.02.2014 - Kyrre Dahl - in category: Spain

Tucked away in a side street in Santa Cruz, Mio Gelato does excellent ice cream. It is quite cheap too, but the way you pay is a little bit strange. More >>>

Excellent and lots of ice cream in Alicante

13.02.2014 - Kyrre Dahl - in category: Spain

The best thing about Borgonesse in Alicante was the amount of ice cream. I ordered a medium cup, Tarrina Mediana, and it was a lot of the good stuff. More >>>

Excellent ice cream with a view in Seville

08.02.2014 - Kyrre Dahl - in category: Spain

I am back in Seville and this time I managed to find a good ice cream place. It`s central, has chairs and does excellent ice cream. What more can you want? More >>>

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