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She was in the air sitting straight up her knees bent back and her tits were bouncing as she was fucked again and again. The tentacles stopped shivering and stiffened and hot, thick gunk was shot into her and dawn moaned as it poured into her throat, ass and womb filling her up so much the liquid squeezed through the cracks sliding down her legs and chin. No more smelly boys. Dazed and confused as to why they were no longer moving, twilight pried her eyes open and blearily focused them on the monster surrounding her. Soon it was pushing itself inside her and dawn had to grit her teeth harder and hold back the wanting moans. She felt the tentacles slide in and out, in and out, in and out again and again and again. This work could have adult content.

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He let a growl escape him, but loosened his grip on twilight, allowing her arm to slip free. Dawn had no idea to what she had just agreed to. With a deep, drawn out sigh the pale yellow skinned girl straightened her back and held her head up high.