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As of 2015, cartridge bearings are being used for most bottom-bracket bearing assembly replacements. When the threads of an english bottom bracket get stripped, it can usually be be reamed and re-threaded italian. O) bottom bracket and an italian one? First of all, note the center measurement, the width of the bottom bracket shell. Generally italian road frames have 70mm wide bb shells and british and french use 68mm shells. Note the threads of the left-threaded (drive side) cup slope upward to the left.

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What size bottom bracket do i need (size really does matter)Bottom bracket service: cartridge type | park tool

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Bottom bracket threading and other specifications for bikes with traditional three-piece cranksets by bikeraceinfoSram dub ed (mtb) 73mmBottom bracket english thread.


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Grease can be used in place of anti-seize, but anti-seize is more durable and provides better lubrication during tightening. The right-hand cup is usually referred to as the fixed cup and the left side is the adjustable cup side.