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Another often-mentioned explanation for male-female differences in sexual foreplay focuses on biological differences between males and females. Not sure if you speak japanese, but another thing all foreign men learn is that the first time you sleep with a japanese girl (who hasn’t been with a foreign guy before), you’re going to hear the word “dame” a lot. Sure, everyone does it and they like doin it, but no one’s just gonna come out and say that. The information of these issues is blank and needs to be further investigated. The type and timing of sexual behaviors that young people engage can be meaningful indicators of young people’s sexuality and sexual health. Anyhow, as far as the reluctance to give girls oral goes, idk what’s up with that, but an abc friend of mine over here says (according to his chinese friends) that going down on girls isn’t common.


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First, add health does not distinguish whether oral sex occurred between opposite-sex or same-sex partners. Recently, the sexual attitude, knowledge and behavior in china had been more and more attentioned by experts. Quite a few of them have said that they also take a while to let a guy go down on them, whereas i feel like it has almost been expected with the american girls i’ve had relations with.