.38 cal low penetration ammo


Handgun self-defense ammunition - ballistic testing data

Thank you! whoever you are, you have the mind of a naturally born investigative scientist. The calibers below 38 special only made small pock marks in the bricks. When the marines were in vietnam, we were winning. Let’s say you live in a tightly knit neighborhood. 40 smith & wesson cartridge has been losing popularity, even though as of as late as 2011, some 65% of american law enforcement was carrying a pistol chambered in the round. What a gloriously thought out article! thanks for all the work put in here. I would like to see the drt, and the new ruger polycase bullets tested as well.


Personal defense ammunition | ballistics 101Self-defense inside the home: avoiding over-penetration

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Federal ammunition - 38 spl +p 130gr hst jhpHandgun bullets: how do they penetrate in home materials? - gun tests article.38 cal low penetration ammo.


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There have long been questions regarding the reason the. I carry a g20sf with 10mm hornady hollow points. If you have a revolver it is simple, pick any premium round in your caliber with a proven record.